Planning Board endorsement of Arts Transit a “travesty” according to Candidate Marks’ op-ed

The op-ed appears on Planet Princeton .

Here is Mr. Marks’ summary of the Board’s analysis of Dinky parking requirements:

For me, the highlight of the July session was Marvin Reed’s insistence that the board define the distance from the proposed parking lot to the proposed rail station, followed by his remarkable assertion, delivered almost as an aside, that it makes no difference whether the distance is 100 feet or 1,000 feet. The board obligingly decided to set 1,000 feet as the standard — thereby ensuring that a large number of current and potential Dinky riders will find it easier simply to drive to the Junction — assuming, that is, that they can get out of Princeton when traffic flows have been choked off on Alexander. The charitable explanation for this piece of idiocy is that the board fails to understand that proximate parking is a condition precedent to a successful, self-sustaining rail link.

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