Township Committee approves MOU by a unanimous vote

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was approved by the Township Committee this evening (October 24th), paving the way for the University’s rezoning requests and–if the University prevails in the lawsuit over the 1984 contract–the eventual relocation of the Dinky terminus to a point near the Lot 7 garage.

Unlike the Borough Council meeting on the MOU, which provoked much public comment and extended discussion by Council, the Township Committee proceeding was relatively staid. Three members of the public argued that the MOU was ill-advised if not downright illegal, one argued that its provisions were technically flawed, and a fourth praised it and suggested that a silent majority of Township residents supported it.

The Township Committee, after a brief exchange of comments, passed the MOU by unanimous vote. Several members indicated that they wished the University were not planning to move the Dinky but stated that they believed there was nothing to do about this except strike the best bargain possible. They referred to advice from counsel that the University has “a right” to make the move. On balance, this was a predicted outcome from a Township Committee that seems to have bent over backwards to accommodate the University. To date, Township residents have no official statement from the Township Committee to affirm the Dinky’s importance as a walkable public transit resource.

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