Election results: Moore wins, consolidation wins, Dinky wins….

This is a brief news flash on the results of today’s election. Both the Township and the Borough voted to consolidate. Yina Moore won the Borough Mayoral race by a margin of 100 votes. The Democratic Council candidates won with larger margins.

The Borough Mayoral candidates had clear differences of opinion on how to proceed with the Dinky issue. The Republican favored acquiescing to the University’s claim of right to move it and proceeding to implement an MOU study that would consider an alternative route to Nassau via Alexander Street. Yina Moore favors continued dialogue with the University to persuade it to rethink the plan to relocate the Dinky.

As we move forward with planning for a consolidated Princeton, we hope the University will heed the message from the electorate and reconsider its plans to relocate the Dinky terminus.

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