Arts & Parking: Temporary Dinky Station Now In Service

On Monday, August 26,  NJ Transit stopped passenger service to the Dinky Station and instituted temporary service at the remote station 1200 feet to the south.   This was a ribbon-cutting without ribbons and without a celebratory gathering of local officials.    However,  the event was televised,  NBC Report on Controversy, and was reported in  local media.  Princeton Packet.  For photos of the temporary station, see this link.

Pedestrian access to the remote station is difficult.  The University is compensating with shuttle buses from University Place to Princeton Junction, with a return stop at the temporary station.  NJ Transit is also running buses.  Alexander Street now sports two or more new bus shelters to mark Princeton’s transition from accessible in-town train service to a plan that seems to incentivize  use of cars and buses.  If the interruption of passenger service at the Princeton Station becomes permanent, the BRT cannot be far behind.  See MOU, Pathway to BRT.

STDY is still waiting for answer on its request for a DEP stay of the ruling permitting NJ Transit to abandon public rights in the historic station.   NJ Transit and Princeton University opposed our request, arguing that we were too late, that there was no real harm, and that our case was not strong, and we submitted a rebuttal to these arguments on August 27.  See Town Topics   In the meantime, if you use the Dinky to commute into or out of Princeton or for others reasons, please contact us to let us know how the interruption in service to the University Place station affects you.

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