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Save the Dinky Litigation Update: Midsummer 2014

Over the past months, as the University has doggedly moved forward with its “arts and transit” construction, we have moved forward with our litigation, with mixed results that we summarize below (1)  1984 Sales Contract Case.   Filed in 2011, … Continue reading

Ruling in Contract Case: NJ Transit NOT Obligated to Agree to University’s Terminus Relocation Plan

On December 23, the Honorable Paul Innes issued an opinion  granting summary judgment for the University.  Innes Opinion This looked like a win for the University on the meaning of the 1984 contract, but the opinion tells a different story. … Continue reading

More on the “Temporary” Station

Over two months have passed since New Jersey Transit–acting at the bidding of Princeton University–stopped train service to the historic Princeton Station on University Place and instituted service at a “temporary” station 1200 feet to the south.   The temporary … Continue reading

Arts & Parking: Temporary Dinky Station Now In Service

On Monday, August 26,  NJ Transit stopped passenger service to the Dinky Station and instituted temporary service at the remote station 1200 feet to the south.   This was a ribbon-cutting without ribbons and without a celebratory gathering of local … Continue reading

Not the Last Train: Legal Battle Not Over & University Says It Will Pay NJT’s Costs to Restore Train Service If the Plan is Illegal

The University announced a few days ago that the last Dinky train on the August 23d schedule (1:27 a.m. 8/24) will be the last train ever from the historic Princeton Branch Station.  We don’t think so.   We still have … Continue reading

Historic Operating Station Under Threat of Destruction Before Courts Rule; University Says Loss of Princeton Station Is Justified by New Station & WaWa

Save the Dinky is rushing against time to get court rulings on the legality of New Jersey Transit’s plans to abandon Princeton’s historic in-town operating station.   On August 8,  along with the NJ Association of Railroad Passengers, SDKY appealed … Continue reading

The loss in accessibility: Not 460 feet anymore

How many times have we heard that the station terminus was only being moved 460 feet to the south?  How many times has it been suggested that this distance is trivial–not much more than a walk from the Library to … Continue reading

Planning Board Approves A&T Plan, Swiftly Adopts Resolution

At the end of its third and final hearing on the University’s Arts and Transit site plan held on Tuesday December 18, 2012,  the Planning Board voted 9 to 1  to approve the University plan, including the plan to move … Continue reading

University Plan Turns Back on Community

While the Project’s many green design elements are laudable, the relocation …of the [Dinky] terminus degrades rather than honors commmunity connectivity… Apart from [the] further distance, the [new station] is oriented toward the University, away from town. . .[T]his literal … Continue reading

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The Historic Sites Council Hearing on Application to Move Train Terminus From Historic Station Site: Press Coverage and A Report by STPD

The February 16th Historic Sites Council hearing ended with the Council’s decision to table a resolution giving New Jersey Transit conditional approval for its application to remove 480 feet of track and prematurely abandon the public transporation easement to the … Continue reading