Some Comments from Dinky Supporters

"Use 185 Nassau for a NEW ARTS CENTER; spread the cultural joy."

"Make the Dinky convenient for all, including older arts patrons like myself. Leave it where it is. Consider the human issues, please."

"As a borough resident since 1958 and a University alumna, I urge the University to respect this priceless tradition and think up a less disruptive alternative. Is there no end to creeping campus growth?"

"The Dinky makes Princeton University and surrounding area unique. Don't move it."

"Location, location, location -- leave the Dinky where it is and build facilities around it, if you have to."

"Why make the Dinky more inaccessible when we need more public transportation in this country?"

"Princeton University should make a greater effort to accommodate the Princeton community's request to keep the Dinky closer to the residents of Princeton. Good planning incorporates the residents' reasonable requirements."

"Yes, time for the university to demonstrate its respect for the residents of Princeton."

"Read the bottom of page 8 of the 1984 sales contract. PU can only moved the station to site of the 'southern building' (where it was moved in 1984)."

"I use the dinky on occasion and find it very useful in its CURRENT location. Please do not move."

"Why do institutions always find it easier to seek to destroy historic places than to honor them?"

"There has to be a good way of designing the the arts neighborhood without moving the Dinky. The line is already very short and the station far down campus. Why not put the Dinky below ground as part of the arts neighborhood and have the best of both worlds? Please consider some alternatives, thank you."

"We are always in favor in anything that encourages the use of public transit."

"The Dinky handles travelers as well as commuters. It's more able to accommodate people with luggage and carriages. It is also faster and more efficient than a bus would be--particularly crossing Route One during rush hour. Last of all, placing it even further from downtown Princeton is a disservice to travelers trying to find their way into town and to commuters. Save the Dinky!!"

"In an era of global instability, we look for symbols of traditional values. Is not the Dinky such a symbol of tradition? For once, lets expend the dollars elsewhere and keep our traditional values alive."

"Keep the dinky where it is!"

"Please save this landmark as is."

"Thank you for fighting this foolishness and greed."

"The dinky is an important part of my long time residency in Princeton. Please keep the Dinky where it is."

"Keep the Dinky a vital part of the Princeton community! It is a tremendous convenience to visitors coming back from all over, even Richmond, Virginia!"

"Please help save a key to Princeton's prosperity and a historic landmark!"

"I've been riding the Dinky for 47 years! Save the Dinky! Save the Dinky!"

"This is another example of the University being totally self-involved and unconcerned about the community."

"Because every tiger needs a dinky!"

"My first memory was on the Dinky!"

"The Dinky must stay!"