We the undersigned urge the University and its architects to make minor alterations to its proposed campus expansion to accommodate the Dinky station in its present location.

Convenient for Princeton residents walking from town or driving and perfectly situated to serve McCarter patrons, the current location is welcoming to the public and easily accessible. The proposed plan would change this by taking the station out of the public square and moving it to the campus garage area, away from the street and separated from the town center. The increased walking distance would include a challenging set of stairs to reach the lowered elevation of the new station.

The Dinky station is a beloved landmark valued by generations of Princetonians. We urge the University to honor this history, tradition and legacy. This is a prime opportunity for the University to demonstrate its respect for the residents of Princeton – and it would only take 460 feet of train track and a bit of ingenuity.

(Sponsored by members of Save the Princeton Dinky.)

This petition and a list of signers was been placed in an ad which appeared in the Town Topics on Wednesday, May 4, 2011. Some names could not be included in time for publication.

We are no longer adding names to our petition but we still support its message and hope for a win-win resolution which enables the University to move forward while preserving the Dinky in its present location.

For more information see the background page and view the presentation from the Princeton Community Democratic Organization meeting on 4/17/2011.