Public Easement

This map shows the approximate easement for  public transportation use reserved by New Jersey Transit under the 1984 contract. (See the last page of the contract for the details.)

Download University-prepared map of the easement and track right-of-way (pdf).

Description of right of way from the deed (pdf) and sales contract (Grantor is NJ Transit):

Grantor retains an easement over the property for public transportation purposes, including but not limited to: right-of-way along existing tracks; a station to include a passenger waiting room, a ticket office, storage space, a mechanical area, and a bathroom; crew quarters; a railroad station platform of a minimum of 170 feet in length and a width of twelve feet; and ingress and egress to the above for Grantor’s passengers, employees, contractors and agents for any and all purposes related to the use, operation, maintenance, inspection or alteration of passenger services, all in accordance with and as more specifically set forth in Paragraphs 15 and 17 of the Sales Agreement between the parties dated October 30, 1984. Any alterations to the improvements used for the above-described easement shall be subject to approval by Grantor.