Resolution Creating Task Force




WHEREAS, Princeton University is proposing a large scale project that will provide for the redevelopment  of portions of the Borough and the Township and;

WHEREAS, this project will have significant impacts on traffic, parking, pedestrian and bicycle circulation systems, public/private mass transportation as well as opportunities to shape the future of the Princeton’s and;

WHEREAS many of these issues and opportunities transcend the borders of both the Borough and the Township and;

WHEREAS, both the Borough Council and the Township Committee are desirous of working together to review both the impacts and the opportunities of the proposed improvements to the area that will be realized  as a result of the project and;

WHEREAS, to initiate this review process the Borough Council and the Township Committee will appoint a joint task force consisting of two members of each governing body and one staff representative of each municipality to form a committee in which to meet with officials from Princeton University; and \

WHEREAS, the appointed task force will report their findings to the public at a meeting of the governing bodies not less than 10 days prior to the scheduled public hearing on an introduced zoning ordinance on the Alexander Corridor/Art Transit Neighborhood;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of The Borough of Princeton and through a separate but corresponding action of the Township Committee of the Township of Princeton:

1. An Alexander Corridor/Arts and Transit Joint Task Force is hereby established to complete the following tasks:

A. In conjunction with each other and Princeton University review the proposed plan for the Arts & Transit project and to evaluate the community benefits from such a project

B. In conjunction with each other and the University to review the proposed project and evaluate the opportunities and impacts that the project will have on the two communities in all areas that impact the two communities including but not necessarily limited to parking, pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle and public/private mass transit within the Borough and Township;

C. To report to both governing bodies the results of this review and provide recommendations that might influence the ultimate zoning or other planning instruments within each town to the extent possible that each could improve the ultimate project and enhance positive impact on the communities.

D. To assure transparency and to provide the community and the governing body of their progress, periodic reports should be provided to each of the governing bodies. These reports should be presented at an open public meeting of the governing body.

E. The Borough of Princeton representatives on the Task force shall consist of two members of the governing body; Council President Kevin Wilkes and Councilman Roger Martindell, as well as Administrator Robert Bruschi who will serve as the staff representative.