Proposed Traffic Pattern for New Station & Wawa

Three additional intersections for in-town drivers. Additional traffic being dumped onto Alexander.
new parking lot for commuters

The traffic circle shown is the present intersection of Alexander Road and University Place.

For drivers coming from the center of town, the proposal adds three additional intersections to the trip — 1) the new traffic circle, currently avoided by parking at the station and leaving again without going through that intersection, 2) the new pedestrian crossing, which includes a traffic light, and 3) the traffic light at the station.

Princeton-to-New York commuters will see about 4 minutes added to their commute whether they walk or drive to the Dinky.

Wawa shoppers will need to cross the same roadway used by commuters entering and exiting the station.

The Wawa is Princeton’s only all-night food market. It may be negatively impacted without its current steps-from-the-door parking and a location along a street at a busy intersection.