Borough Council Candidates on the Dinky

Borough Council Candidates:

Democratic Candidates
Barbara Trelstad (incumbent) : Voted for a resolution in June urging the University and New Jersey Transit to reconsider the plan to relocate the Dinky. Has consistently argued that moving it further away from Nassau Street is bad public policy.
While reiterating belief that the plan to relocate the Dinky is bad public policy, voted to approve the the Memorandum of Understanding with the Township and Princeton University, stating that MOU would allow much needed traffic and transportation studies to begin upon signing. Voted on the Planning Board to approve the zoning ordinances for the E-5 and AET. Ordinances will go back to the governing bodies.

Heather Howard: “We ought not to be thinking about moving the dinky further away at a time when we’re trying to maintain the vibrancy of our downtown.” (from live candidate forum sponsored by LWV). “Clearly, the Borough’s relationship with the University is not what it should be. Although there has been a rough stretch recently, we have a strong history, and a good relationship is in both our interests. The community benefits from having a vibrant University, and the University benefits from a thriving community surrounding it. It’s important to be a strong advocate for the residents when dealing with the University – to stand up to them when necessary. Respect and courtesy are critical, but sometimes we will disagree. Most importantly, good neighbors should always be talking…The community benefits from having a vibrant University, and the University benefits ffrom a thriving community surrounding it. ” (from LWV questions). May have to recuse on actual votes on issue.

Republican Candidates:

Peter Marks: Improve the existing Dinky service, i.e.: maintain its current alignment, reopen both existing stations; buy its right-of-way; create new, reasonably priced, municipal owned, structured parking adjacent to the stations; and replace NJT with a competent operator. Veto proposed bottlenecks on Alexander. Greatly reduce existing zoning on both sides of Alexander. Maintain our long tradition of tree-lined green spaces (not ten story buildings) as the “gateway” to Princeton.

Dudley Sipprelle: A “memorandum of understanding” was recently concluded with Princeton University which should prove beneficial to all parties involved. The community gets an enhanced cultural venue which will attract more visitors, business and tax revenues. The University has made several significant commitments, including an upgrade of the “Dinky” and major funding for a wide-ranging study of the transportation needs of the community. This is significant because traffic congestion is a major Princeton problem. Of immediate benefit, the University will install lighted crosswalks across the perilous black tunnel which is now downtown Nassau Street after dark.

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