Princeton Branch Riders Protest Shutdown at Council Meeting

New Jersey Transit’s plan to shut down the Dinky for over three months was not well received at the October 8 Princeton Council meeting.  For press coverage, see this Town Topics story titled  “Plenty  of Opposition to NJ Transit Plan for Dinky Hiatus.”  New Jersey Assemblyman Roy Freiman and Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson, chair of the Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee, spoke in opposition to the shutdown, and a number of Council members questioned the necessity for it, as did members of the public and representatives of Save the Dinky.   Tom Clarke, public affairs representative for  NJ Transit, said that buses would replace the Dinky for the three-month period, and that NJ Transit would provide a schedule and discount the fares by 10%.

Anita Garoniak read a letter addressed to NJ Transit Director Corbett citing the petition from riders protesting the shutdown and urging him to “listen to your riders and reverse the decision to suspend train service on the Princeton Branch.”  The letter  stated,  “A plan that will inevitably discourage the use of Princeton’s long-standing mass transit link to the Junction is not in the best interests of Princeton or the State, and reflects a shortsighted allocation of public resources.”

As of October 31, 2018, over 750 persons had signed the petition urging NJ Transit to reconsider.

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